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5 Days to Capture Your Holiday Traditions | Recap Part II

Welcome back to my 5 days to capture your holiday traditions challenge! If you missed the first part of the challenge, click here to read it. Today I’m excited to share a recap of Days 3-5 of the challenge, which were to capture the Christmas Tree twinkle, the details, and different angles. Personally, I loved these challenges because they forced me to slow down and really appreciate the magic of Christmas that easily goes unnoticed during all the craziness of the season.

5 Days to Capture Your Holiday Traditions | Recap Part II

5 Days to Capture Your Holiday Traditions | A challenge hosted by Lifetime of Clicks Photography

Video Lessons:

Day 3: Christmas Tree Twinkle

Day 4: Capture the Details

Day 5: Shoot from a Different Angle


I loved seeing who participated in the challenge! Ayala N. was the first winner and as her prize, she chose a $25 gift card to Target!

The second winner is Jill P!!!  Jill make sure to message me so I can get your gift certificate out to you.

My images:

Day 3: Christmas Tree Twinkle




















You might be able to tell that I pushed my camera a little bit to add in the light that was needed.  This allowed for me to expose for those twinkle lights and capture the glow off of my sons face.

Day 4: Capture the Details

I wanted to show a couple of different ones here.  My mom makes the best homemade biscuits when we are all together for the holidays.  This first one is showing her mixing up the dough and getting it ready to roll out.  I was actually standing up on a chair shooting down into the bowl that she was using.  It was tall and there would be no way to get that shot from the side so I pulled the chair up right beside her and shot this.

The next one is of my mom basting the biscuits with butter.  It’s crazy but I will cherish this image forever.  Watching my mom do something that she loves and being able to capture the details of her putting the butter on and all the steps that go into these.

lifetime-of-clicks-photography-5-day-to-capture-holiday-traditions (2)


Day 5: Shoot from a Different Angle

I love shooting from different angles.  I mentioned in the group how I think some of these can take a snapshot and turn it into an amazing image.  The first one is again my mom getting those AmAzInG biscuits ready for us to put into the oven and bake.  I am standing in a chair beside her shooting this one from above again.

The following is shot from above again but not quite so high up.  I think I might have just been kneeling in the chair for this one.

Then in this last one for angles, I am shooting almost straight on to these lobsters so that you get a view looking at the same angle they are.  I love shooting like this.  I am focused on the front part of the sheet and this allows for some fun blur in the background as well.

I hope these images give you some ideas of how you to can shoot just a little different to capture your family traditions.  Everything that I’ve showed you above is a part of my family traditions.

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