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Birth Photography FAQ | Frequently Asked Birth Photography Questions

Houston Birth Photography

Do you wonder what Birth Photography is and how it works?

Houston Birth Photography

What is Birth Photography?

Birth photography is so much more than taking pictures of a mother in labor and I’m so lucky to be able to capture these little miracles that grow in their mommy’s body, brought into this world by the grace of God. Birth photography is more than just a picture of very graphic moments of birth.  It’s about capturing the most important days of your life, if not the most.  As a Birth Photographer I strive to tell a story of how your day unfolded.  To capture the raw emotion that comes with delivering that little miracle that mom has developed and carried for 9 months in her body.  Freeing up your support team to focus solely on you and let me capture the images.  I’ve had grandparents come to me when I am packing up to leave and thank me for being there and taking the stress off of them to get that perfect shot and having to stand and take picture instead of enjoying the moment with their family.  It’s about the first cry, that first site, the first touch, the cord being cut and so so much more.

Many people think giving birth is just about showing up at the hospital and having the doctor come in and deliver a baby and it’s not, it’s truly a miracle to have these little humans born into this world.  You wouldn’t dare miss photographing your wedding day, the day you walk down the aisle and marry the love of your life.  Why would you miss photographing and capturing the moment that the other love of your life was born?

I will capturing the day as it unfolds, the labor, the strength, the delivery and all those precious moments after delivery.  To think that it’s me who gets the honor of being there to capture every little second of it is just overwhelming to me…. I love my job!

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! I always bring a back up camera and lenses.

Yes! You will get the digital images delivered via password protected online gallery along with the print release

I am up to capture this special time for you and if you would like crowning images that’s what I will try to capture, depending on the situation. I will only post pictures that you approve of ahead of time.

I always say as soon as you find out your pregnant. I book up pretty fast so I wouldn’t wait much past your 1st trimester to guarantee I have a spot, but you can always check to see if I have an opening, later on as well.

I always carry a flash and I know how to use it.  I will try to modify the light in the room as much as I can without having to use a flash but if I feel like I am going to miss a shot I might put it on.  I do think a little grain adds to the story for a birth session.  We will talk in more detail about this at your in person meeting.

I will try my hardest to be able to come into the OR with you but you will have to be my advocate.  This decision is usually up to the hospital and the Dr’s.

You’ll call me as soon as you start feeling those beginning stages of labor.  This includes contractions or losing your mucus plug.  I will come to meet you at the hospital, birth center or your home when you are in active labor or 6cm dilated.

I do have several of both that I love working with.  Check out my Baby Tribe Resources page for  for more details.

I am in it for the long haul.  Some births take 16 hours and some take 2 hours, it all depends on how ready your little one is.

If you still have some questions over something I didn’t talk about I would love to chat with you.

Better yet, you know you want to capture your birth, please Email Me so we can schedule a time to talk.

Are you interested in seeing more of my birth stories please look around the gallery!