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Houston Home Birth Photographer | Thomas

If you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen that my work was recently featured on Huffington Post! Yay! I’m still in shock over it! They published an article titled 13 Photos That Capture The First Moment Between Moms And Their Babies and the very first image from that post was from the home birth I’m honored to share with you today.

Getting to know Houston Home Birth Photographer

As part of my process with birth clients, I try to meet each and every one of them before their baby’s due date. This allows my clients to get to know me a bit so that I’m not a complete stranger on the day of the birth. It also allows me to learn more about my clients and connect with them before the big day. I ended up meeting Amy for lunch and she brought along baby’s big sister E so we spent a little while chatting and getting comfortable with each other. I always enjoy having this time together with my expecting mamas!

Delivery Day

When it came time for baby to arrive, I received a text message from Amy’s husband Bill. He said that Amy had been awake since 6am having contractions. I never tire of receiving news like that! It’s always so exciting when I hear that baby is coming! It never gets old! Bill texted again around lunch time to let me know that Amy was progressing. Her mid-wife would be on her way to them shortly. Since they live about forty-five minutes away, I decided to get on the road, too, and make sure I was in their area in case Amy was ready to give birth sooner than expected. As a birth photographer who doesn’t get to re-create moments in her clients lives, I always want to make sure that I play it safe in case there is any traffic or other unforeseeable delays. I updated Bill as soon as I was in the area and he agreed to inform me as soon as they decided it was time for me to be there. I like to arrive when mamas are at 6cm dilated so it was just a matter of time before I’d be called in.

When Bill texted me to let me know I could come to the house, Amy’s water had broken and she was just about ready to give birth. I’m so glad I got there when I did because only eighteen minutes after her water breaking, Amy delivered their second girl, Baby C, thanks to her incredible strength as well as the support of her birth team. It was an incredible day and I’m happy to share that, you now get a peek at their unforgettable birth story below.

Spring, TX Home Birth Story

Amy and Bill planned to welcome their new baby girl in the comfort of their Spring, Texas home. The plan went off without a hitch thanks to her mid-wife, and a mid-wife assistant. Plus her amazing hubby, too! Thank you to the entire team that was there to help with the delivery of baby girl C. Even big sister E had been enlisted to help!

Big sister waiting | Photo by Lifetime of Clicks PhotographyHouston Home Birth Photographer Lifetime of Clicks Photography

I always do my very best to stay out of the way as much as possible while still capturing those fleeting moments that change and are gone within seconds during a birth, and this time was no different. I gave the team their space when they needed it and only stepped in when it was time to capture the emotions and story of the day. The images that follow are some of my very favorites of Baby C’s birth.

Stunning black and white birth photography | Photo by Lifetime of Clicks PhotographySpring, Texas birth photography | Photo by Lifetime of Clicks PhotographyJoyful parents after they deliver baby | Photo by Lifetime of Clicks PhotographyNewborn parents welcome baby | Photo by Lifetime of Clicks PhotographyHome birth in Spring, Texas | | Photo by Lifetime of Clicks Photography

This next image is the one that was featured on Huffington Post. I love it for mama’s huge sense of accomplishment, dad’s protective hand over baby, and baby’s natural positioning on her mama’s belly.

Houston area birth photographer captures birth in Spring, Texas | Photo by Lifetime of Clicks PhotographyNewborn and mama in tub after home delivery | Photo by Lifetime of Clicks Photography

My favorite birth sessions are the ones where my clients later tell me that they didn’t even notice I was there. Some have even referred to me as “a fly on the wall”. While I know I’m a big part of every birth, I prefer to go unnoticed as much as possible so that the focus is always on mama and baby. But, really, once that baby is here, the focus is on that little bundle of joy that has just arrived! So here she is – introducing Baby C., weighing in at 7lbs 14.6 oz and 20 inches. She is perfect!

Newborn girl just minutes after birth | Photo by Lifetime of Clicks PhotographyCrying baby girl after home birth | Photo by Lifetime of Clicks PhotographyNewborn girl in Katy TX home birth | Photo by Lifetime of Clicks PhotographyMother sees her newborn baby for the first time | Photo by Lifetime of Clicks PhotographyBlack and white photo of newborn checkup | Photo by Lifetime of Clicks PhotographyBaby girl after delivery | Photo by Lifetime of Clicks PhotographyNewborn skin to skin | Photo by Lifetime of Clicks PhotographyNewborn girl with parents in hospital | Photo by Lifetime of Clicks PhotographySleeping newborn after home birth | Photo by Lifetime of Clicks PhotographySpring Texas newborn birth photography | Photo by Lifetime of Clicks Photography

Amy and Bill, thank you for allowing me to be a part of this incredible experience! Congratulations to you!!

Post-delivery birth photos by Lifetime of Clicks Photography

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