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A Houston Home Birth Story | Kelli and Marcelo

People often wonder how a birth photographer can commit to photographing so many births when we all know that the exact arrival of a baby is often unknown. Imagine if one of my expecting mamas went into birth and came down sick with something? I would feel terrible if I missed a birth due to unforeseen circumstances! That’s where Stephanie comes in, my back-up birth photographer. As a birth photographer, it’s essential to have someone reliable to take your place if needed, this is likely to . Stephanie is that person for me. She is another birth photographer located here in Houston and we work closely together as each other’s back-ups. This allows us to have someone to help us out if one of our clients goes into labor and we have an issue getting there in time. Needless to say, Stephanie and I have an invaluable relationship!

So what does Stephanie have to do with today’s post? Well, earlier this month, she and I got to actually work together on documenting a birth! Kelli and Marcelo hired Stephanie to film the birth of their new baby but since they wanted images in addition to video, Stephanie and I collaborated to provide both photo and video for our clients. I have to say that it was such a fun and unique experience working with her on documenting this birth and I’m excited to share this birth story with you today!

The Birth

Kelli and Marcelo chose to do a home birth. Since Stephanie and I were collaborating on documenting the baby’s arrival, I was only there to capture the actual delivery. Since I only live about 15 minutes away from Kelli and Marcelo, this made it quite easy for me! The night before the delivery at about 9:30pm, I received a text from Stephanie letting me know that Kelli was in early labor. We stayed in contact all through the night (Yup! As a birth photographer, you’re often up at all hours of the night, staying updated and ready to leave at a moment’s notice!). In the morning, Stephanie let me know when it was finally time to head over to Kelli and Marcelo’s house and I made my way over to the home.

Once I arrived, I was able to capture beautiful images of Kelli laboring and preparing to bring her little miracle into this world. She did an amazing job and reminded me of how strong and powerful mothers are, and how wonderful it is to witness someone bringing a new life into this world. I never take my job for granted and moments like these give me chills each and every time! I hope this birth story leaves you feeling just as inspired as it left me. Enjoy!


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