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Homebirth photography session

Ever felt like you were witnessing a miracle?

There’s one thing about life that never gets old. It never touches the heart any less, nor does it decrease in magnitude or majesty no matter how many times we witness it. That, my dears, is childbirth. Being present as a baby enters the world, be it our own or someone else’s, is a miracle every single time. My clients, the Griffins, were no exception, of course. They hired me to take on their homebirth photography session and what a beautiful experience it was.

Planning a home birth photography session (is it even possible?)

As you might imagine, many aspects of this type of session can be planned, but just as many cannot. We began planning the Griffins homebirth photography session earlier in the pregnancy and started creating a solid game plan around 35 weeks. Laura’s first two children were delivered each on a Sunday and 41 weeks to the day. We assumed this would be no different. In typical third-child fashion, this baby wanted to do her own thing.

On a Friday (Laura’s birthday) she started contracting. After a few intense contractions, she decided to take a walk and see if any progress could be made. That evening, the family went out to celebrate her birthday in hopes that more activity would move her labor along. Late Friday evening, Laura’s contractions picked up, and her midwife and I rushed over. Even though Laura lives near me, I didn’t want to risk the chance of missing the baby.

Labor & Delivery Mode: On

As I entered the Griffins’ home, Laura was pacing about. She labored through the night. She was doing a great job managing labor…. walking the stairs; the hot water and steam from her shower helped to buffer her contractions a little, too. She soon decided to enter the birthing tub. As her body soaked in the calming waters of the birth tub, labor started rapidly progressing. At 1:39 am, Baby K entered this world. We were all surprised at the sight of a new little GIRL and everyone was so elated.

It was such a treasure to witness the miracle of life. After the birth, Laura’s midwife, Cathy, weighed and measured the baby then handed her off to dad for their first sweet bonding moment together. This home birth photography session was nothing short of priceless.

Homebirth photography_Lifetime_of_Clicks_Photography

Homebirth photography_Lifetime_of_Clicks_Photography

Homebirth photography_Lifetime_of_Clicks_Photography

Homebirth photography_Lifetime_of_Clicks_Photography

Homebirth photography_Lifetime_of_Clicks_Photography

Homebirth photography_Lifetime_of_Clicks_PhotographyIt’s a GIRL!!Homebirth photography_Lifetime_of_Clicks_Photography

Homebirth photography_Lifetime_of_Clicks_Photography

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