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Top 5 Mother and Baby First Looks | Houston Mommy and Me Photos

“Being a Mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had and dealing with fears you didn’t know existed.” ~ Linda Wooten

I can relate so well to this quote! Being a mom has its ups and downs but I can honestly say that it is the best gift God could have ever given me. It is most definitely the most challenging job I have, but there is also lots of laughter and plenty of adventures with my little angels. Like any mother, I am grateful for every moment I have with my children. In the busyness of life, it’s easy to sometimes take for granted all the special moments, but it’s important to remember to cherish the special moments we have with them because they grow up entirely too fast and the days of little fingers and toes quickly turn into days of graduation caps and engagement rings.

The journey to those milestones is full of challenges but mothers are the glue that holds everything together through life’s journey, even when they feel like they may fall apart. Right from the beginning, in the exhilarating moments of their baby’s birth, mothers always show more strength than what they ever thought was possible. When the baby crowns, the anticipation builds up, and the long-awaited moment finally arrives, that is when emotions take over the body and all the pain from the delivery goes away. Because that little human that she has carried for nine months is there. That little human that has heard her voice and heartbeat 24/7 is right there in front of her very eyes. This is where the bond of Motherhood is formed, and this, my friends, is where the best mother and baby first looks always happen.

As we approach Mother’s Day, I wanted to take some time to share some of those moments with you. Those moments when mothers and babies meet for the very first time, moments that are by far some of my very favorites at every single birth I have the honor of documenting. They are meaningful in every way possible, and I’ve been so fortunate to capture them. They have a way of always reminding me of the beauty of motherhood and I hope they will inspire you to celebrate a special mother in your life in the coming weeks.

Top 5 Mother and Baby First Looks | Houston Mommy and Me Photos

#1: She’s here!

“Ours was a difficult three year journey through four miscarriages and multiple fertility doctors to get to our daughter’s birth day. When she was born, there were no tears or hyperactive emotions, just an all-encompassing feeling of relief, accomplishment, and peace. She was alive, and I was indescribably thankful.”

“My son was so attached to his mommy from before day one that he didn’t even want to come out; when he was a week past his due date, we induced and waited 17 hours for him to make his debut. My first thought when he came out was, ‘He’s finally here!'”

Black and white photo of baby's birth by Houston Birth Photographer Lifetime of Clicks Photography

#2: Eyes wide open to meet mommy!

“It’s a girl!!! My husband literally yelled it, and as tears ran down our faces I was in disbelief that I had a daughter.”

Top 5 Mother and Baby First Looks | Houston Mommy and Me Photos

#3: That bond

Houston Mommy and Me Photos by Katy TX Birth Photographer


#4: Checking out every detail

“I remember that moment and the emotion like it was yesterday. When she was born I felt this relief that she was finally here. I waited for that cry to know she was well and alive – those few seconds felt like an eternity. I think my heart stopped beating until I heard her first cry. Hearing her first cry brought forth an overwhelming sensation that ran through my heart. It was so intense it ached my heart. As she was placed my arms, it was so surreal. I was in shock and overwhelmed, I stared and studied her and looked into her eyes. I was confused because she didn’t look like any of us –ha! But I thought,  All this time I knew of you but I didn’t really know it would be you until now. We are parents now and things just got real.”

Katy Texas Birth Photographer captures newborn and mother

#5: I did it!!

Houston Texas Birth Photographer captures mother and baby in water birth

When you become a mom you feel like there is no one that you could love anymore than your first child, especially when you learn that you are expecting your second child. It becomes a fear, a fear every first-time mom has when they find out they are expecting a second time. Until the second one comes and then you realize that you love them both equally. There is no other love around that’s comparable to the love of a mother. You know you’ll love them no matter what, no matter how many other children you have. You will always love them unconditionally. Thank you for checking out this post today. I love sharing a little piece of my heart here on the blog along with the amazing moments I get to capture!

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