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Lifestyle Newborn Photography Styles – Which is Right for you?

How to chose newborn photography styles

Congratulations! You might just have had a baby or are expecting one in the next few months, and you are looking for a professional photographer to help you capture the beautiful little miracle. Well, I’m here to help you through the process. There is so much involved in newborn photoshoot and newborn photography styles. To me, most important is to determine which style best fits your family by choosing between a lifestyle and posed newborn photography styles.   Before you determine what style of newborn photography is right for you, it’s important to know the differences between the two. The way you approach your newborn photo sessions will be really affected by this distinction.

Posed Portraits

What comes to my mind when I think about newborn portraits is capturing the images of the baby usually very sleepy. These photos take lot of patience and effort to get the baby into the right position.  These shots mainly depend on posing. I also view posed portraits to be sort of traditional style of baby images, and I love that many parents chose this option. They also tend to have quite a few images with the newborn alone and few handful of poses with the family together.

Shooting the posed newborn portraits, a more extensive setup is used, with beanbags, posing blankets, crates, buckets and adorable little outfits and wraps.  Here at Lifetime of Clicks Photography all of these items are provided as part of your session. Along with beverages and light snacks located in the kitchen to munch on during your time at the studio. Most of the time posed newborn sessions can take up to 2-2.5 hours even with a very sleepy baby. It is a slow process to with baby and ensure they are always cozy and comfortable.



Lifestyle Images

To fully understand newborn photo styles you should also learn about the lifestyle images. For me, lifestyle photos normally have a kind of documentary, and relaxed-style vibe. The lifestyle images aren’t all about getting the newborn fast asleep and in a great pose, but more about capturing the baby in an informal manner.  Lifestyle baby photos usually have a different feel, they allow you be you as a family without feeling like someone put you into that position and said to smile.

The lifestyle newborn photos are all about showing the newborn in the environment of their own.  Lifestyle photos can be anything from the newborn in their own crib, on their parents bed or on the living room couch. Most of the time for these sessions I only bring a couple of wraps with me and don’t use the props that I would at the studio.  Existing furniture and items in the house will be used as the props to help create that sense of comfort and relaxation. I usually capture these sessions in the baby’s nursery, snuggling in the bed, living room or just within various areas of the home.

When it comes to my baby lifestyle photo sessions, I tend to think of it as telling a story of mom and dad, plus their newborn baby, in the first few days of the life of the baby, in their new surroundings.


Which Newborn Photo Style Is Best For You?

Having learned something about newborn photo styles, the next question is which style do you want to select for your baby? Do you want your focus to be on the newborn posed portraits, capturing the baby all curled up wearing an adorable little tie back or simple hat? Or are you fascinated with the idea of documenting this new adventure at home with a lifestyle photo session?

Whether it is documentary, lifestyle or posed, any newborn photo session will revolve around the baby. That means that if your baby needs to be changed or fed, in the middle of the session, then you will just go ahead and do it. One benefit to a lifestyle photo session is that all these lovely images can be shot.

Style is very imperative, but it’s more important to know that you are choosing a session that works best for you and your family.  You want to be comfortable and for the session to fit your lifestyle.


Are you looking for a newborn photographer? I would love to help you determine what type of session is best for you and capture this once in lifetime moment that you can look back on to cherish forever.  Contact me now to check availability and get your session planned out.