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Your memories deserve pride of place in your home.  We believe that your most precious portraits should be seen and appreciated – every day if possible!  Finding the perfect photographer, sourcing prints (and knowing what type to get! WOW) then figuring out where to take them to be framed is stressful. Oh, and let’s not forget … You’ll do all of this in your ‘spare’ time, right?  Anyone else think spare time is a myth?

Hands up if you barely have time to go to the store alone, much less take, print and frame your own portraits. Yes, I understand. I want more, and better, for you. You already have enough on your plate. That’s why I’ve helped hundreds of women have a stress-free portrait experience. We handle all the details from wardrobe styling, hair and makeup, to installing the finished portrait art in your home. All you have to do is show up.

Our portrait studio is a little different than most others. We offer a more hands on experience with long lasting quality artwork. It is a luxury photography experience that cares for busy parents like you. You have enough on your plate, lady and I know your time is valuable. We will help you with your wardrobe, hair & Makeup and all the details that go into capturing your families priceless memories.

From first blink to first steps and beyond, together we’ll preserve your memories, so they last a lifetime. I’ll be there, ready to capture your family as it grows, blossoms, giggles and celebrates every milestone and every stage of life.

From beginning to end, our goal is to make it easy for you to pass down your family memories, by serving our clients.  It begins with the first phone call all the way though hanging your new portraits on the wall, we make sure that your memories are captured for generations to come.  All that’s left for you to do is hammer in a nail and hang your beautiful heirloom art on the wall.

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As a Houston family photographer I know children grow so quickly and every milestone is important. It’s so tempting to say “I’ll schedule photos next spring…” and then never get to it (I’m guilty of putting it off myself!). Spring becomes fall, fall becomes winter, and by the time you know it…five years have gone by undocumented.

Friends, family photographs are part of your legacy. Have you watched your grandma or grandpa admire black and white snapshots from many years gone-by? Don’t let your legacy be lost in digital form. I would love to work with you to craft a photo session that not only preserves your legacy, but also doubles as beautiful custom artwork for your home that reflects your character and style. Complete family sessions are available as well as child portrait sessions.



Those first days with your new love, your newborn child, are indescribable. You will be running through every emotion in the book – extreme love, happiness, joy, laughter and exhaustion and maybe a little confusion and frustration, too. These precious days, though…they pass all too quickly. Before you know it, your fragile little newborn will be filling out and turning into a bubble-blowing; mess-making; self-feeding toddler. Chances are, the early days baby-doll sized onesies and up-all-night marathons will soon be a faded memory.

But, as a Houston newborn photographer and fellow mama, I want more for you. I want something that I didn’t get a chance to have. I want to craft a photo session just for your family. A special time where we can document bonding; new baby wrinkles and rolls; sweet yawns and maybe even a smile! We will get it all…if I could capture that sweet newborn smell for you, I sure would. Booking a newborn photo session with me is an amazing way to preserve those precious memories for generations to come.

Newborn photo sessions are custom and will reflect your style. Sessions are mostly held in my Katy, Texas newborn photography studio. You will have access to my selection of luxury newborn props (hats, blankets, backdrops, baskets and more). I suggest scheduling in your second trimester for best chance of availability.



Dear Mama-to-be (and dads if you’re reading). Aren’t you in awe? There’s something about expecting new life that leaves you joyous, anxious, overwhelmed and speechless all at once. Forty weeks can seem like forever, but you know what? As a maternity photographer and mom of two, You. Will. Miss. This. I promise! Someday you will long for those sweet baby kicks; the sound of your baby’s heartbeat on an ultrasound. The wonder and excitement that comes with pregnancy doesn’t happen every day, so documenting this miracle is worth it.  Let Lifetime of Clicks Photography capture your maternity photography session in Houston or the Katy area.

Don’t you think?

We can capture all of that. Together, let’s craft a memorable maternity session that will allow you to relive the beautiful, enchanting feelings of pregnancy anytime you wish. I promise that you will look and feel amazing during your session.

So, mama, let’s get started. Let’s pick a beautiful venue, talk about wardrobe selections and pick a date! Let’s celebrate you, your family and new life. I can’t wait, can you?



As a Houston Fresh 48 Photographer I want you to look back at these images and feel the weight of your new baby snuggled on your chest, feel the softness of their sweet fluffy hair, and feel the love for your partner as you watch them sway your baby to sleep for the first time. Let Lifetime of Clicks Photography capture your new little miracle’s within 48 hours of them coming earth side.  These are the moments I want you to remember for a lifetime.

Are you hesitant to have a photographer in the room while you give birth but still want to capture those first little memories?

Do you have family out of town that desperately wants to lay eyes on your new little bundle of joy?

Did miss out on a newborn session with your older ones? Why not do a Fresh 48 and capture the whole family during this moment?

Fresh 48 sessions are held in the hospital or at home within 48 hours of their birth.  They are a lifestyle session perfect for remembering those first couple of days forever. Shots of your little one’s first yawns, cute little baby feet, fingers, first feedings and those amazing new sibling meetings.



The day your baby is born is nearly indescribable. You can give the birth time and date; you can tell your friends how much baby weighed and you can even recount labor. But, as a Houston birth photographer I need to tell you something – mama-to-mama. The precious details of your baby’s birth and the moments thereafter will all-too-soon be a blur.

I strive to tell your story from beginning to end so you can look back at these images and recall every little detail.  I will document your strength as you push through labor and the raw emotions as you and your partner bring your little one earth side.  I will also stay around for some of the moments following your baby’s birth – the weighting, footprints, skin to skin and possibly meeting those family members that are anxiously awaiting in the hallway.



Seniors: Congratulations on this exciting year for you and/or your high school senior.  I know Senior Year is a big deal and one of the biggest decisions you’ll face early on is who to choose to document this moment in your seniors’s life. Their senior session should be a celebration of everything they have accomplished so far, who they are right now and who they are becoming.

This isn’t going to be your ordinary portrait session.  My commitment to you is that you are going to look amazing, enjoy lots of laughs and get some fabulous shots of you.  It is a huge trend right now to have those gorgeous Instagram grid photos as part of your senior session.  


As a parent you want your high school senior to have a fun and energetic senior session but you also want the tradition “Senior” images as well.  I have a plan that works for both of you.


Cake Smash

What’s sweeter than a one-year-old tasting birthday cake for the first time? What’s more memorable? As a photographer and mama of two, I can remember watching with joy as my little ones dove into their birthday cakes. Cake smashes are sheer entertainment for adults and older siblings and a sense of pride and joy for those sweet one-year-old cuties!

 My cake smash sessions are totally customizable and can match a theme of your choice. During the session, we’ll take some clean ‘before’ photos of your precious little one – then the fun will begin! I’ll be sure to capture the entire cake-smashing until the very last icing smear.  Over the years I’ve done dozens of these smash cake sessions, and I’ve built up a great collection of props, backgrounds, banners, and more. You can bring everything in on your own, or I can help you design the perfect set for the session.


Business Headshots

Our studio offers commercial photography and creativity to help your company attract new business and stand out above the rest. The importance of having a professional business portrait in today’s market is extremely crucial. By investing in a high-quality, professional headshot you are investing in your company or brand. It conveys professionalism, the way you want prospective clients to see you.


“The bluebonnet is to Texas what the shamrock is to Ireland, the cherry blossom to Japan, the lily to France, the rose to England and the tulip to Holland.” – Jack Maguire, Historian  — These sessions are limited and fill up quickly. Be sure to join my email list and follow me on social media for upcoming information about these sessions. I hope you’ll take part in Texas tradition and join me for a bluebonnet session every spring!   It DOES NOT get any better than this cutie in the bluebonnets!