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Start Creating Beautifully Framed Custom Portraits for Your Clients

and stop giving away your profits for good

Photographers, are you ready to add dollars to your bottom line without taking on more clients?

Imagine being able to grow your yearly profits and cut your cost-of-goods by 60% or more and provide your clients with stunning framed portraits that will leave a lasting impression on your clients and help your business thrive.

With The Art of Custom Portrait Framing, you’ll unlock the door to a new revenue stream that fits perfectly within your existing business model.

This course is the key to not just meeting your income goals, but exceeding them, allowing you to invest in your passions, hire that much-needed assistant, and spend precious time with your family. This transformation is not just about framing pictures; it’s about framing your life for success.

Are you a photographer looking to raise your gross profit?

Are you either..

  • Using a local frame company to source and build your framed artwork
  • Just starting to introduce a line of frames to your product listing?

Look no further! Our online course provides comprehensive training on framing techniques to help you skip the trial-and-error and get straight into custom framing with the skills necessary to hit the ground running.

I’m not just a photographer; I’m a photographer who’s been where you are. I’ve felt the frustration of stagnant sales. But everything changed when I discovered the power of custom framing. By integrating this service into my studio, I tripled my profits within months, not years. Now, I run a successful multi-six-figure business.

 Over the last two years, we’ve framed and installed almost 500 frames here in the studio. My clients love the one-stop experience; my work now hangs as centerpiece art in their homes.

The Art of Custom Portrait Framing came together from years of successful practice and relentless fine-tuning, and it’s all here for you to replicate and thrive.

The Art of Custom Portrait Framing course opens its doors for an exclusive period only.

This course isn’t available indefinitely; in fact, we’re closing enrollment at the end of the 5th day to maintain an intimate learning environment where every participant gets unparalleled access and support. 

Imagine missing out on a chance that has the potential to transform your business entirely – more profitable, prestigious, and personal. This window of opportunity closes shortly – secure your spot today and commit to a decision that could redefine the success of your photography studio. 

if you’ve ever felt the tug to elevate your business, now is the time to act, or risk waiting indefinitely for another chance.


After becoming an IPS photographer, I quickly realized I needed to increase wall art sales to be more profitable, stand out among the competition, and better serve my luxury clients. I researched framing companies and then realized I was losing out on a lot of profit simply because I was outsourcing my framing. Kelly's course came at the absolute perfect time, and I'm so thankful it has changed the trajectory of my business. The course itself was easy to understand and covered every single aspect of custom framing necessary for me to learn the ins and outs of custom framing. I couldn't wait to get started! As someone who learns best by doing, the two-day in-person add-on was the perfect way for me to put into practice what I learned in the course. From going over the tools needed to completing the framing process multiple times to completing an entire 7-piece gallery install, every minute was full of learning. The entire experience gave me the tools and confidence I needed to finally set up my custom framing station, place my first frame order, and frame my first gallery. I'm so grateful to Kelly and Rebecca for sharing all their knowledge and support! If you're an IPS photographer who is looking to increase profits without missing out on life to take on more clients, this is the course for you!
Alex Peterson
Wedding/Portrait Photographer

It’s my mission to help you get results just like these.

Join The Art of Custom Portrait Framing and unlock the potential to skyrocket your studio’s profits.

For a limited time, I’m opening enrollment to this online course, which includes some really fantastic bonuses. You’ll learn how to implement a profitable framing service, attract high-end clients, and stand out in a crowded market. 

But remember, this offer is only around FOR ONE WEEK – it’s here now, but it won’t last. 

Secure your spot and start your journey to a more profitable, passion-filled business.


The Art of Custom Portrait Framing

Put The Profit In Your Pocket

This course is the missing link that will help you finally increase your gross profit and put the money back into your business.

With ‘The Art of Custom Portrait Framing,’ you’re not just gaining another revenue stream; you’re transforming your entire business model. You’ll learn how to select the perfect frames that work perfectly with your clients’ decor, create beautiful heirlooms, and cut your cost of goods all at the same time. This course has all the tools, strategies, accountability, AND support you need to make your dream a reality.

Whether you’re currently offering framed portraits that you outsource or you’re looking to add framed portraits to your product offering, this course will help you stand out from the competition and increase your gross profits by cutting down your cost of goods.

Who am I to teach you?

I used to be exactly where you are…defeated, wanting to make more profit in my business and spend more time with my family. I spent years and more money than I can count doing allllll the things to try to figure out ways to bring in more clients to add more profit to my business. I thought that if I was always working hard, I would make more money. While this is true, it also wore me down and took more time away from the things I wanted to be doing. I was offering products that seemed great until they fell apart and totally changed the value and appearance I was going for.

After I learned the ins and outs of custom framing, my business completely changed, and so did I. I realized that this is something other photographers have probably wanted to do but don’t have the knowledge to frame on their own.
I’ve put everything I learned on my journey and put it into The Art of Custom Framing for Profit because it’s exactly what I wish I had when I was first starting down the framing path.
It’s my mission to help as many luxury photographers as possible skip the trial and error by simply focusing on what works.

The Art of Custom Portrait Framing would have saved me SO MUCH time, money, and sanity for all the issues I had to fix. I can’t wait for it to do the same for you.

Let’s Look at Some Real Numbers

If you run a profitable IPS photography business and implement the knowledge from this course, you have the potential to make your investment back with three clients. The numbers below show that with one statement piece alone, you could save almost   $800 by framing it in-house. On a five-piece gallery, you could save $1130.

Here’s exactly what we’ll cover

The Art of Custom Portrait Framing is a 6-Module Online course for luxury portrait photographers that will show you how to successfully create custom-framed portraits for your clients and simultaneously raise your studio gross profits.

It has everything you need to create beautifully framed custom pieces for your clients while maintaining high-profit margins.

6 Modules Teaching You All The Details to Frame Your Own Portraits


  • Amazon/Website Links to each item
  • Guided video reviewing each item and its purpose
  • List of the main moulding vendors we use


  • Guided video instructions and math to determine the size of your frame with side by side instructions
  • Recording of phone call to hear me ordering moulding in real-time


  • Video showing all the steps we take to quality check our products when they arrive
  • Learn how to check for common issues from moulding companies


  • Guided video showing each step of assembling a frame, from cleaning to putting them together


  • Installing or hanging portraits can be daunting but not with our hanging system.
  • Guided video showing in detail how to install our most prized hanging method
  • Review of other traditional hanging hardware available to use


  • Guided video showing how to prepare your portraits, so they don’t get damaged on the way to an install or when your clients come arrive to pick them up.

How It Works

The course is only available to businesses outside a 25-mile radius of Katy, TX. Participants will be reviewed before complete course access is granted to ensure they meet this requirement.

Custom framing can easily double or triple the value of your photography sessions, so imagine the potential uplift in your profits. 

The cost-of-goods savings for framing in-house on an average 5-piece gallery is about $1100

The Art of Custom Portrait Framing course is your comprehensive guide to mastering this skill at just $2900. This investment is a fraction of the revenue boost you’ll see when you unveil this sought-after service. With your first few sessions, you can cover the cost of the course. Plus, the added client satisfaction and repeat business will make this investment pay for itself many times over.


$ 2900
  • Almost all you need Framing Kit with our Make It - or - Break It Hanging Hardware included ($230 Value)
  • Free 60-minute coaching call with me to help complete your first piece ($299 Value)
  • Access to the private Facebook group


@Lifetime of Clicks, Katy TX
$ 5900
  • Almost all you need Framing Kit with our Make It - or - Break It Hanging Hardware included ($230 Value)
  • Free 60-minute coaching call with me to help complete your first piece ($299 Value)
  • 2 Day In-Person Workshop (Katy, TX) with hands on practice of each module.
  • Access to the private Facebook group


$ 1165
  • Access to the private Facebook group.
  • Free 30-minute coaching call with me to help complete your first piece ($299 Value)


$ 8900
  • 2 Day In-Person Workshop at your studio with hands on practice of each module.
  • 4-5 Piece Gallery Wall Completed and installed together as a studio display
  • Framing Kit with our Make It - or - Break It Hanging Hardware included ($230 Value)
  • Free 60-minute coaching call with me($299 Value)
  • Access to the private Facebook group
  • Free 30-Minute call to prepare for the in-person workshop ($199 Value)

Ready to frame your future success? Here’s what you need to do: Click the ‘Enroll Now’ button above. Fill in your information on the secure checkout page, and you’ll get immediate access to The Art of Custom Portrait Framing course, along with all the exclusive bonuses. Don’t let this opportunity to enhance your studio’s offerings and increase your profits pass you by. Enroll now and let’s start creating those beautiful, profitable frames together!

What’s Included

Live Coaching Calls
Each participant receives a free coaching call with me. Depending on the option you selected, you will have a 30-minute or 60-minute call. You can also add an additional call later in the course if you want to have some extra support. During this call, I can walk you through things like, checking in your first order, framing your first piece, how to wrap properly, or whatever you’d like to cover.

Materials & Resources
You’ll have access to a printable workbook following the course modules and our interactive frame size calculator to help when placing your frame orders with your vendors.

Facebook Support
Join our private Facebook group to connect with us and other course members to stay updated on all things framing. It’s the perfect place when you have questions or need a little support. We will regularly check in and answer questions, provide feedback, and post new content with tips and tricks to continue to guide you in your framing journey.

Our “Almost Everything You Need” Framing Kit
Framing Kit with almost everything you need to start framing, except backing paper. Also, a set of our Make It – or – Break It Hanging Hardware is included.

When you enroll in The Art of Custom Portrait Framing, you’ll also receive these exclusive bonuses:

Our Top 3 Gallery Designs to inspire your creations and consultations, vendor and supply lists to connect you with top-quality materials at insider prices, and a live Q&A session with me to troubleshoot your unique challenges. These bonuses are crafted to ensure that custom framing becomes not just an add-on but a star attraction in your studio’s portfolio.

Don’t miss this moment, the opportunity window is closing soon. This course is only open for enrollment for a limited time, and spaces are filling up fast. Imagine, in a few weeks, you could be unveiling an exciting new service to your clients, or you could be watching from the sidelines as others seize the advantage. Act now, secure your spot, and start enjoying the benefits of increased profits and customer satisfaction that The Art of Custom Portrait Framing will bring to your business.

Here’s my promise to you:

I’m so confident about what’s inside this program, and I know it will work for you, so I put my money where my mouth is! If you show up, make it through the ordering process, and don’t think it’s right for you, I’ll give you your money back. 

You’ve got nothing to lose!

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Remember Alex, the studio owner who was drowning in the sea of competition?

Her story turned around when she discovered the missing pieceThe Art of Custom Framing.

It wasn’t just about preserving memories; it was about presenting them in a way that turned each portrait into a masterpiece. By integrating custom framing, Alex transformed her studio from just another choice to the only choice for discerning clients. She not only increased her profits but also found more time to spend with her family. Alex’s story is not unique; it’s the transformation waiting for you.

If you’re at the bottom of this page, it means you’re having difficulty deciding whether or not The Art of Custom Portrait Framing is right for you.

Here’s exactly how to know:

  • You are a photographer with in-person sales
  • You want to create beautiful artwork for your clients
  • You have a space that could serve as your framing area
  • You are ready to take the next step of learning in-house framing
  • You want to increase your gross profit and are ready to put in the work to grow