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Tomball Regional Hospital Birth Story

As a Birth Photographer, I get to witness countless birth stories and no two are the same. Today I’m sharing the birth of Baby B, a birth that left both her parents and me in a state of shock!

Baby B’s birth story started at about 7am when I first got a call from her mother, Michaelanne. Mom said she was having contractions and that she would let me know when she was on the way to the hospital. At around 8:45am, she called and said they were on their way. We planned for her to call me as soon as she found how how dilated she was so that I could figure out what time to arrive. Just a few minutes later, at 9:09am, she texted me to let me know she was having a ton of pressure and that she thought the was further along than 6cm. As soon as I heard the word “pressure” I knew I needed to be on my way. After all, Michaelanne has three other children so she wasn’t knew to the birth process.

We touched base at 9:14am, just as she was almost arriving at the hospital, and I was about half way there. At this point, Michaelanne was thinking that she still had some time left before the delivery but she promised to keep me updated. Little did we know, Baby B had other plans! At 9:40am, I texted Michaelanne again to let her know I was at the hospital checking in. I was so excited to capture yet another birth story for my sweet clients, but a few minutes after I arrived, Michaelanne’s husband Brett called to tell me that she had already delivered! We were all in such a state of shock! Michaelanne had arrived at the hospital at 9:20am and delivered Baby B just nine  minutes after she arrived at 9:29am! Talk about a close call! Here is a recap of my time with this family of six!

Baby Photography Houston | Tomball Regional Hospital Birth Story

I love this picture of a napkin with Baby B’s stats on it.  We had to take a picture of it because everyone thought it was crazy that the birth happened so fast that they had nothing to write the little guy’s measurements on. A napkin would have to do for the time being!

Best birth stories by birth photographer in Katy, TX

After the delivery, I gave Michaelanne and Brett some time to get adjusted to what had just happened before beginning to document all the special moments that followed this shockingly fast delivery. Some of my favorite images included the precious moments with mom and dad, getting weighed, and meeting his three adorable sisters! Needless to say, it was quite a morning that I got to share with this beautiful family of six! Everything happened so fast and I know it probably seems like a bit of a blur for this family. Thankfully, they will be able to look back and remember all the emotions and special moments of the day each time they view these images.

Houston birth photographer captures baby boy just minutes after birthMother holding her newborn for the first timeMother and newborn boy in Houston hospitalBirth photographer at Tomball Regional Hospital Baby boy born at Tomball Regional Hospital Tomball Regional Hospital Birth PhotographerKaty TX Birth PhotographerProud parents with baby boyNewborn baby with fatherKaty TX Birth Photographer captures father and son photo

Parents love to make sure their baby has their ten little fingers and ten toes!

Newborn boy's little toes

Can we talk about this adorable embroidered hat? I have no idea how mom managed to remember her hospital bag during all the chaos of the morning – I was impressed!

Newborn boy wearing embroidered hatBirth photographer in Tomball, TX captures natural birth

Meeting the rest of the family

This is by far one of my favorite images from this collection. I love that some day, Baby B will be able to see just how excited his big sisters were to meet him and welcome him into the family.

Three big sisters welcome little brotherSisters meet little brother at Tomball Regional Hospital

This image of mama and her four children is priceless, isn’t it?

Katy TX Birth Photographer captures family photo at Tomball Regional Hospital First family photo of family welcoming new baby

Introducing the B Family! Aren’t they just perfect?

Family of six photo at Tomball Regional Hospital Intimate moments between mother and her children

And now for some sweet moments between all the children. This little guy is so lucky to have three older sisters, even if we know he won’t always love it, ha!

Big sisters hold their new baby brotherBig sisters hold newborn boy for the first timeKaty TX Birth Photographer captures births at Tomball Regional Hospital Baby Photographer Houston Lifetime of Clicks PhotographyNewborn baby with sisters and motherFirst images of newborn baby boyTomball, TX newborn boy photosBaby boy born at Tomball Regional Hospital Houston baby photographer captures newborn boysBaby boy in his diaper at Tomball Regional Hospital Nurse examines baby boyBaby footprints taken at hospitalNewborn boy surprises family with fast birthFriendly nurse at Tomball Regional Hospital poses with mother and baby

I hope you enjoyed viewing Baby B’s birth story. Looking to hire a photographer for baby photography in Houston? Click here to view three different ways to document the beginning of your baby’s life.

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