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3 Ways to Capture Your Baby’s Birth

Why Capture Your Baby’s Birth?

Birth photography wasn’t very well known back when I had my two boys, but if I had known about it, you can bet any one of my very favorite lenses that I would have jumped at the opportunity of having their births documented. As women, we naturally spend a lot of time wondering what that moment will be like. We look forward to it for years sometimes and even though it doesn’t start to feel real until well into the forty weeks leading up to it, it occupies our thoughts all the time. Where will it happen? How will it happen? Who will be there for me? Will everything go smoothly? There are always so many questions! However, every birth is different and no one can answer those questions for you. And as much as you try to prepare, it’s impossible to know how things will go on that day.

Once that moment is finally here, what if I told you that the memories of that long-awaited moment when you give birth to a child will eventually fade as the memories are replaced with the moments of your child’s life? Most people I talk to tell me that the emotions and pain they went through during their child’s birth put them in such a haze that the memories of their delivery faded shortly after. I feel bad each and every time that I hear someone say that they were in so much pain, or so exhausted, that they don’t remember all the details because I think we can all agree that bringing a life into this world is the most amazing life event we could possibly experience.

Regardless of how quickly your memories fade, one thing is certain. Your baby will grow up one day (faster than you’d like!) and he or she will want to know all the details of the day they were born. They’ll love hearing as many details as you can remember and they’ll ask you questions similar to the ones you asked yourself years before. “Where did it happen? How did it happen? Who was there?” You’ll answer as many questions as you can, and hope that they’ll be able to pass on the story to future generations. But there is really only one way to make sure the story gets told in the best way possible, and that’s by having it documented. Now, once you’ve decided to capture your baby’s birth, you’ll likely want to know how to do it. Today’s post is going to walk you through the three options I offer expecting parents.

Birth photography in Houston, Texas


3 Ways to Capture Your Baby’s Birth


Photography is the most common way to capture your baby’s arrival. Birth photography includes labor and delivery coverage and begins at 6cm. Your birth photographer will be on call 24/7 starting one week before your due date. This option is best for parents who want to create a tangible album to remember the birth of their child.

Fusion Video

A fusion video includes both still photos and short clips of video of all the key moments during labor and delivery and begins at 6cm. Your birth photographer will be on call 24/7 starting one week before your due date. This option is best for parents who want to create a tangible album of their child’s birth as well as preserve the sounds and movement of the whole experience.


Full video coverage of your baby’s birth includes longer clips of video of all the key moments during labor and delivery and begins at 6cm. Your birth cinematographer will be on call 24/7 starting one week before your due date. This option is best for parents who aren’t interested in a tangible album of images and instead, would like to have a full video of their experience.


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Whichever way you choose to capture your baby’s birth, I can assure you that the product we create together will be treasured for generations to come. Documenting your child’s birth is how you can make sure their story is told in an authentic way and if you ask me, a collection of images or a video of your son or daughter’s birth is the most precious heirloom you could ever give your children. Let’s chat about which option is the best for you. Click here to contact me.

How to capture your baby's birth

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