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I’m your resident portrait photographer, unapologetic tomboy, unabashed reality TV lover (the cheesier the better!) and memory-capturing sidekick. I’m here because I believe that everything happens for a reason.



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What is a Sitter Session?

Katelyn, Dalton, and Lily are no strangers to the studio. They became Storybook Collective Members when Katelyn was pregnant and opted for the four-session membership with maternity, newborn, sitter, and one-year/cake smash sessions. One of the biggest questions we get asked about the four-session Collective Membership is “What is a Sitter Session?” If that’s a new term for you, you’re in the right place.

ne portrait, 6 months

Sitter Session Defined:

Sitter Sessions are sessions that take place once the baby can sit on their own, unassisted, for at least 2 minutes. We photograph the baby sitting and interacting with the camera, tummy time, and time on their back. Typically, babies are around 6 months old during these sessions.  

ne portrait, 6 months

Why Not Call it a 6-Month Milestone?

Around 6 months, babies really start developing their little personalities, smiling more, grabbing all their tiny toes, giggling, and doing all-around cute baby things. However, not all babies are sitting at that age. Milestone portraits with lots of tummy time and laying on their backs are cute, but being able to add in some more variety while they’re sitting up is even better. If that means your baby is 7 or 8 months when they come in, that’s fine. Or if your baby is a go-getter and sits at 5 months we can schedule for that, too!

Is a Sitter Session Just for Babies?

That’s completely up to you. We always encourage Mom and Dad to be a part of the session but you have the option of scheduling a Simplicity or Signature Sitter Session.

ne portrait, 6 months ne portrait, 6 months

What’s the Difference?

Simplicity Sitter Sessions are simple and sweet. We photograph Baby in the studio and spend about 20 minutes or so capturing all those sweet little details, all their cute grins and toe grabs, and likely some finger-biting if they’re teething. Your little one can be decked out in something from the wardrobe and just have a fun time overall.

Signature Sitter Sessions are the most popular. These milestones are so important to document for your baby – but don’t forget that you’ve reached a milestone, too! You’re now 6 months or so into your parenting journey and that is a huge accomplishment! Signature Sitter Sessions are 45-minute sessions for the whole family, with 20 minutes or so focusing on your sweet little sitter and all that he or she can do. The session can be in the studio or outdoors, Mom gets pampered with hair and makeup, we provide wardrobe for the entire family, and best of all, you don’t have to lift a finger during this session.

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Why Should I Book a Sitter Session?

So much emphasis is placed on the newborn session and the one-year milestone, or cake smash, but honestly, one of the best parts of a Sitter Session is that it really captures that too-short, all-baby stage that your little ones go through before they get to a year. The rolling, laughing, drooling, that they grow out of before you even realize it’s passed, is so great to have tangible memories of. Let us know if you’d like to get on the calendar for a Sitter Session and we will see you in the studio!

ne portrait, 6 months ne portrait, 6 months


Wardrobe for mom provided by the Lifetime of Clicks Client Closet from Nothing Fits But.

Hair and Makeup services provided by: Beauty Topix Glam


Kelly of Lifetime of Clicks Photography is a newborn, maternity, and family photographer based in Katy, TX. Service areas include Houston, TX as well as Richmond, Fulshear, Sugar Land, and surrounding communities.

Kelly provides a luxury, stress-free photography experience which includes a client wardrobe, hair, and makeup for your session, plus custom album, and wall art designs for your home. If you’re interested in booking a session, contact her here!